Yael Weiss, who performed the premiere of my piece Prelude to a Sonata in Kansas, Kentucky, and Virginia last month, has added a concert in Kelowna, British Columbia, to her touring schedule. She’ll be performing the piece this Friday, November 14, at 7:30 pm at the Mary Irwin Center for the Arts.

Yael has stepped in in place of Katherine Chi, who unfortunately had to cancel her performance. Though Katherine Chi’s name is still listed in a few places, Yael will be the performer that evening.

In other news, DePaul Opera Theatre has rescheduled their production of my opera Twelfth Night in Chicago for November 19. Complete details are available at http://events.depaul.edu/event/depaul_opera_theatre_2750. Here’s a photo of Elizabeth Margolius’s lovely staging:

Joel Feigin: Twelfth Night