You're a hopeless romantic!

-Leonard Bernstein to Joel Feigin at a private composition lesson at Tanglewood

Joel Feigin is an internationally performed composer whose operas, chamber, orchestral, and piano works have been widely praised for their “very strong impact, as logical in musical design as they are charged with emotion and drama.” (Opera Magazine).

Feigin’s opera Twelfth Night, based on Shakespeare’s comedy, was produced in North Carolina, Chicago, and southern California, where it was hailed as a “glittering masterpiece” by critic Dan Kepl. Excerpts had also been featured at New York City Opera’s VOX Showcase series and Opera America’s New Works Sampler.

Joel is currently working on his next opera, Outcast at the Gate, which the Center for Contemporary Opera recently selected for their development series for new works. Based on Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus, Outcast at the Gate is a drama about refugees: a blind old man, supported by his daughter, seeking food and shelter. It is also a drama of redemption: the old man is “stained to the core of his existence,” and at the same time somehow innocent.

Use this website to find Joel's scores and recordings, performances of his music, and to learn more about him. If you are interested in performing Joel's music or commissioning a piece you can reach Joel using the contact form.

Composer Joel Feigin. Photo by Gaby Goldberg.
Composer Joel Feigin. Photo by Gaby Goldberg.