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Variations on Mel’s Song

Fourteen Canonic Variations

Prelude and Scena from Mysteries of Eleusis

Outcast at the Gate

Ti Sarani

Two Songs From Twelfth Night

On The Death Of Our Young

Surging Seas


gently flowing

Shifting Spirits

Aviv: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Lament Amid Silence

Lament With Ghosts


Montecito Variation


Variations on Empty Space

Twelfth Night

Song of Loving-kindness


Elegy For Orchestra (In Memoriam Otto Leuning)

Mosaic in Two Panels

Festive Overture

Variations on a Theme by Arnold Schoenberg


Four Meditations From Dogen


Aria from Mountains and Rivers


Echos From The Holocaust

Mountains and Rivers Trio

Il Paradiso Terrestre

Five Ecstatic Poems of Kabir

Four Poems of Linda Pastan

Four Fantasy Pieces

Demeter’s Scena from Mysteries of Eleusis

Four Elegies

Mysteries of Eleusis

Four Poems of Wallace Stevens

Eight Japanese Poems

First Tragedy