Mosaic in Two Panels

String quartet or string orchestra

20 minutes


In this work, the elements of a classical string quartet are fragmented like the polished stone of a mosaic.

The piece is in two large movements (or panels) separated by a pause, but fragments of a lively and playful “sonata movement”, a lyrical slow movement and a fast, energetic rondo constantly interrupt each other, creating a mercurial and unexpected sequence of events.

The first panel features the exposition and development of the D-major “sonata movement” interspersed with the B-major slow movement; the second panel combines the recapitulation of the sonata with elements of the rondo. Both panels begin with corresponding slow, atonal introductions, and both include a short lively movement not otherwise heard, at crucial central points.

Mosaic in Two Panels is dedicated to my wife, Severine Neff.