Outcast at the Gate

1 principal role, 6 secondary roles, chorus
1-0-2-0; 2-0-0-0; timp; perc; pf; electronics; solo strings (

120 minutes

In progress, P/V available

Opera, orchestral and chamber versions in progress

Piano-vocal score available now (see Score Download)

Outcast at the Gate is about refugees: a blind old man led by his daughter, both in rags, struggle onto the stage, seeking safety and a home. They have been rejected everywhere, for this beggar needs redemption from a horrible life: he has unwittingly killed his father and married his mother–“stained to the core of his existence,” he is at the same time in some sense innocent. 

The opera is based on the last play of Sophocles, Oedipus at Colonus, written at the very end of his life as the greatness of his homeland, Athens, was crumbling all around him. (It has been eerie to write this opera at this particular time in this particular country.) In the end, Oedipus finds the redemption he so desperately needs. He is offered a home and is revealed as a prophet, leading his daughters and the king of his new homeland to a miraculous appointment with the waiting Gods.

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