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Shifting Spirits video, review on Sound Word Sight

I just received the third video from my May 2 concert in New York, of the premiere of my piece Shifting Spirits for violin and cello, performed by the Elaris Duo:

The video was made by Ching Juhl. In addition, Mark Greenfest wrote a lovely review of the concert on the blog Sound Word Sight. Among other positive remarks, Mark writes:

The music and the Duo’s performance was emotional and poignant and also quite fascinating and memorable.


This touching and magnificent piece shows an extraordinary range of musical material, from lush and lyrical cello melody to cannoning piano chords and delicate, glassine figurations in various forms.

The review is available in its entirety at at

Kind words from Helen Callus

Violist Helen Callus recently performed and recorded my piece Lament Amid Silence. She had this to say about the work:

The profoundly expressive work by composer Joel Feigin “Lament Amid Silence” is one of the most beautiful and dramatic pieces in the literature for the viola. The wonderful addition of the 6 viola ensemble to accompany the solo violist makes this a unique and much needed addition to our under represented literature. I believe that any important work such as this deserves the attention of all viola lovers alike and I know will share with us the rewards of working and hearing such an inspiring piece.
—Helen Callus

Her recording of the piece, made with her students at UC Santa Barbara, is available from MSR Classics and on the recordings page of this site.